Arapahoe, CO Train Wreck, Oct 1918

Passenger train wrecked.

Passenger train, No. 104, east bound thru Hugo, was wrecked at Arapahoe, Colorado, Wednesday morning at 1:15 o'clock, when the engine struck a couple of cattle causing the front trucks of the engine to leave the track. Before Engineer BRUNSON could stop his train, the engine struck the east switch at Arapahoe station and went into the ditch.

The big engine, No. 2810, turned over twice, climbed a four foot embankment and landed headed west, about twenty feet from the track. The tender broke loose from the engine and stood across the track, while the express car stood north and south on the south side of the track. The baggage car, mail car, and first passenger coach were derailed and the baggage car was demolished. No passengers were injured, but the express messenger, Engineer BRUNSON and Fireman JAMES GUM were badly bruised and shaken up. Their escape from instant death was miraculous, as both the engineer and fireman were buried beneath the debris under the baggage car of the wrecked train. MR. BRUNSON suffered a broken leg and internal injuries, while the fireman suffered some broken ribs and was badly battered and bruised. The express messenger suffered some bad cuts about the face and head.

The injured engineer and fireman were taken to a Denver hospital, passing thru Hugo Wednesday afternoon, and are now on the road to recovery.

Fireman JAMES GUM is a son of MR. And MRS. SAM GUM of Hugo, and was raised in this place from early boyhood. His parents and sister, MISS ANNIE, accompanied him to Denver, but as he was recovering nicely, they returned home to Hugo Thursday night.

Range Ledger Colorado 1918-10-19