Hastings, CO Coal Dust Explosion Kills Scores, Apr 1917

Memorial For Miners Who Perished

In holding out hope that the men caught in the mine might have escaped instant death, company officials asserted that the explosion apparently was slight. It apparently was not sufficient in force to be heard on the surface, they said.
The first indication of trouble was a cloud of black smoke which billowed from the mouth of the slope. Superintendent Cameron hastily organized a rescue force of five men and entered the slope but the smoke and heat from fire withing was so intense that they soon were forced to retreat. Another rescue force was organized and equipped with oxygen helmets. These men, eight in number, again led by Mr. Cameron, reentered the mine determined to reach the imprisoned men. Whether debris from the explosion was blocking the slope farther back had not been determined at last reports.

The Ogden Examiner Utah 1917-04-28

Listing of the Fatalities:
STEVE ANTONUCCI, Slopeman, 53, married, one child.
JIM ANUSIS, Miner, 40, single.
E. H. ATWOOD, Timberman, 42, married, one child.
STEVE BADEL, Miner, 38, married, two children.
JOE BANNER, Miner, 45, single.
M. BARBER, Electrician, 30, married.
HARIS BASAKAS, Miner, 36, married, one child.
PIETRO BERTOLINA, Miner, 34, single.
A. T. BROWN, Miner, 25, single.
GEORGE F. BROWN, Miner, 35, single.
JESUS CADERIA, Miner, 27, married.
GEORGE CAPACO, Miner, 44, married, three children.
MIKE CHIEK, Miner, 36, single.
FRANK CHURCICH, Miner, 36, single.
VINCENZO CIRCO, Miner, 39, married, five children.
TOM CONKAS, Miner, 36, single.
JOE CORRETICH, Miner, 23, married, one child.
MIKE CORTESE, Miner, 31, married, three children
JIM COSTAS, Miner, 30, single.
JOHN CRESEVIK, Miner, 38, single.
GUST CRISTULAKIS, Miner, 23, single.
R. L. DAVIS, Driver, 38, single.
TONY DeKLEVA, Miner, 27, single.
ALEX DELY, Miner, 30, married, one child.
JOHN DIAKAS, Miner, 23, single.
PEDRO DIAZ, Miner, 26, married.
SAVERIANO DIAZ, Miner, 35, married, one child.
FRANK DOLAN, Miner, 25, single.
ISADORE DORADO, Miner, 39, married, two children.
ANTON EVANCICH, Miner, 40, married, one child.
SAM FABIAN, Miner, 29, single.
A. B. FELIX, Miner, 29, single.
FRIENTAFOLAS FLEITIS, Miner, 26, married, one child.
GONZALES, FLORES, Driver, 22, married.
LIBOR GARDELKIE, Miner, 38, married, three children.
FRANC GERL, Miner, 20, single.
TONY GLAVICH, Miner, 27, single.
JOE HERNANDEZ, Driver, 27, married, one child.
FELIPO HERRERA, Trapper, 16, single.
JAMES HOWARD, Driver, 31, married, six children.
TRATOR JOE, Parting Tender, 29, single.
JESSE JOHNSON, Miner, 45, married, one child.
MIKE JONAS, Miner, 23, single.
JEFF JONES, Trackman, 46, married.
JOHN JUNOS, Miner, 20, single.
JOHN KATRES, Miner, 30, single.

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