Marshall Basin, CO Smuggler Union Mine Fire, Nov 1901

Mine Disaster

Nearly 100 Men Are Said To Be Suffocated

In The Smuggler Union Mine In Colorado

Telluride, Col., Nov. 21.---Nearly 100 men were probably suffocated in the Smuggler Union mine in Marshall Basin as a result of fire which consumed the buildings at the mouth of the Bullion Tunnel. Twenty-two miners are known to be dead and scores of others are in the mine workings either suffocated or seeking safety in remote parts of the mine until the place is cleared of foul gases and smoke. Fire broke out in the tramway bunk house at the mouth of the Bullion tunnel, the principal opening from which the property is worked, and spread rapidly to the boiler and engine house, blacksmith shop, the tramway terminal with its great ore bins and several smaller buildings were all soon in flames.

The Biloxi Daily Herald, Biloxi, MS 22 Nov 1901