Denver, CO July 4th Celebration Accidents, Jul 1889

Denver’s Celebration.

Denver, July 5. – Most of the visitors who arrived in the city yesterday morning to attend the celebration returned home either last night or this morning. To-day all business was resumed and little transpired to be of any special interest. General Sherman held a reception at his hotel during the forenoon and many people visited his rooms to shake hands with the old warrior, perhaps for the last time.

As a float, loaded with young ladies, was crossing Holiday street, the wagon broke down, throwing the Goddess of Liberty and the representatives of the various states in an embarrassing heap among the crowd of yelling bystanders. Further than receiving a severe shaking up and spoiling their costumes no injury was done to the ladies.

At the corner of Sixteenth and Larimer a more serious accident occurred. As a float representing the agricultural industry was being driven rapidly over the crossing, a plow bounded from the wagon and struck Johnny Logue, a lad of about 14 years, on the head, entting (sic) a gash about five inches long and badly fracturing the skull. The insensible boy was carried into Dr. Crane’s office, where the wound was dressed. The doctor took several pieces of the skull off of the boy’s brain, when he immediately recovered consciensness (sic), and jumping out of the arms of the man, who was holding him, doubled up his fist and cried: “Who was it that hit me? Show me the rascal who struck me.” He was quieted soon as possible and taken to his home. It is the opinion of the doctor that he will not recover.

Aspen Weekly Times, Aspen, CO 6 Jul 1889