Durango, CO Hardware and Lumber Co Fire, May 1909


Was that that consumed the lumber shed, vehicles and farm machinery of the Independent Hardware and Lumber Company yesterday morning at about 4:45. How the fire started no one seems to understand, but that it did start is evidenced by the ash heap across the tracks and the loss sustained by the owners. The fire had been confined to the one building until an explosion of powder or gasoline blew out the front of the principal building and shot the flames across the road to the vehicle building and started that afire. The loss cannot be stated but the presumption is after deducting the $5,200 insurance, the company will lose about $5,000.

At the time of the explosion and because of it the fire department team became frightened and ran away, throwing the driver, John Conway, under the wagon. John received a sprained ankle and wrenched back, but feels lucky that he did not get killed.

The Durango Democrat, Durango, CO, 15 May 1909