New Castle, CO Passenger and Freight Train Collision, Sep 1897



Passenger and Freight Trains Collide -- Cars Burn Up and Many Persons Are Roasted Alive.

New Castle, Col., Sept. 10. -- The most disastrous railway wreck that has every happened in Colorado occurred at 12:15 Friday morning, a mile and a half west of this town. Denver and Rio Grande passenger train No. 1 west-bound collided with a Colorado Midland stock train going east, wrecking both engines and several cars in both trains. Shortly after the collision fire broke out in the ruins. The mail, baggage and express cars, smoker, day coach and a tourist sleeper were burned. A number of passengers who were not killed outright, but who were pinned in the wreckage and could not be extricated, perished in the flames. There were about 200 passengers. It is established that 25 persons were killed and as many more bruised, scalded and burned, of whom over six are likely to die of their injuries.
Partial List of Dead and Injured.
As yet it has not been possible to obtain a full list of the dead and injured. Following is a partial list:
MRS. ALEXANDER HARTMAN and two sons, Herscher, Illinois.
Engineer OSTRANDER, freight engine; missing, probably dead.
ROBERT S. HOLLAND, fireman Denver & Rio Grande railway, of Salida.
F. J. KEENAN, postal clerk, of Denver, Colo.
CHARLES LEEPER, of Clarion, Pa.
JAMES ERRICK, of Chicago, Illinois.
WILLIAM GORDON, engineer passenger train.
REV. MR. ALEXANDER HARTMAN, Herscher, Ill., both legs broken and badly bruised.
ROBERT GORDON, engineer, ruptured and terribly bruised; may die.
MISS PEARL CORNELL, of Alciel, Ore.; hip dislocated.
JOHN H. STANDER, of Blackfoot, Idaho; leg broken, face cut and burned and bruised; may die.
J. H. SHEETS, Iowa; right hand cut.
R. W. SHOT, Leeper, Pa.; badly bruised.
JAMES C. FOLEY, express messanger, Denver; bruised.
WILLIAM S. MISSEMER, Express messenger, bruised.
W. L. HAWTHORNE, couductor; bruised.
D. H. McANENEY, of Victor, Col.; face burned.
FRANK P. MANNIX, Victor, Col.; bruised and slightly burned.
Brakeman KNAPP, leg crushed.
J. LOGMAN, of Whittier, Cal.; slightly wounded.
J. F. SNYDER, of Independence, Kas.; slightly burned.
J. G. YOUNG, of St. Louis; cut in forehead, not serious.
THOMAS NASH, of Moab, Utah; left arm broken; badly burned in face.
JAMES C. FOLEY, express messenger; bruised.
J. C. YEAGER, of Toledo, O.; injured internally.
R. H. BRICKLEY, Chicago, Illinois; back injured.
MRS. MARY ISRAEL and son NATHAN, of St. Paul, Minn.; slight injury internally.
O. V. TITSON, of Cockerill, Mo.; cut badly about the head.
JOHN H. STANDER and REV. ALEXANDER HARTMAN have been removed to the hospital at Salida. Both will probably die.
HARTMAN is a minister from Herscher, Ill., who was traveling with his wife and two children to the coast. From the day coach few escaped.

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