Aspen, CO Toboggan Slide Accident, Nov 1889

Broke His Leg.

An unfortunate accident occured[sic] at the toboggan slide last evening by which Charles Reuter's leg was broken. He and Messrs. Dolittle and Leonard were making a run, and going farther than usual, pitched over the bank of the lake. It is the intention of the company to have this bank and ditch bridged over extending the slide toward the river, but they had not been able to get to that part of the work and the toboggans have been stopping on the lake. This party forgot or did not know about the ditch and went over.

The injury sustained by Mr. Reuter is quite severe, the right leg being badly fractured about four inchees[sic] above the ankle. The larger bone is broken in one place and the smaller one in two places. The unfortunate man was conveyed to his room over Tompkins Bros. store where the limb was set, and he was made at comfortable as possible.

Aspen Weekly, Aspen, CO 30 Nov 1889