Jerome Park, CO Train Wreck, Apr 1890


A very serious wreck occurred on the Jerome park branch of the Midland yesterday. A number of workmen were riding on a hand car attached to the rear of a freight train. The train was moving at a rapid rate when a dog rushed out to take a bark at it. The dog was not looking for a hand car at the end of the train and he jumped in close behind the last freight car. The hand car struck him and was derailed the men being thrown a great distance.

There were seven men involved in the disaster, and of these two were injured so badly that they will probably die. These are P. J. QUIGLY and JOHN ELLISON. The former had his left hip broken and was badly hurt in the face, while the latter sustained a fracture of a leg and was cut about the head. These two were taken to Leadville on a Rio Grande special.

THOMAS BROWN was severely hurt about the head; WILLIS YOUNG was similarly injured; BEN BROWN had both knees hurt; MIKE ROGERS had his left knee injured and JERRY O'BRIEN sustained severe injuries to his left leg and shoulder.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1890-04-26