Boulder, CO Street Car - Buggy Accident, Jun 1913



Horse Shies at Passing Auto, Upsets Buggy, Woman Falling on Track --- Auto Driver Does Not Stop.

Western Newspaper Union News Service.
Boulder, Colo., --- Returning home from Columbia cemetery, where she had but a few moments before scattered flowers over the graves of departed ones, MRS. FRANK ROOSA of this city was killed by a street car.

MRS. ROOSA and her son, HARRY ROOSA, seventeen, who had taken her to the memorial services of the G. A. R., had driven in front of the street car, when the animal became frightened at a passing automobile and backed the buggy directly in front of the street car. The son was thrown into the street and MRS. ROOSA under the wheels, where she was ground to pieces. It was the gruesome duty of the crew to back the car before the body could be extricated from the tracks. Sympathetic hands tore a banner advertising “Romeo and Juliet,” the senior class play of the U. of C., from the side of the car, and laid it over the body.

She had fallen under the wheels in such a manner that the entire front of her face was ground off.
HARRY ROOSA also suffered an injured arm. Faint and weak, he was taken to his home east of town by a physician who reached the scene soon after the accident.

The occupants of the automobile at which the horse shied did not stop their machine, but put on more speed, and so far no one has been found who saw the number or knew the driver.

Summit County Journal and Breckenridge Bulletin Colorado 1913-06-06