Lyons, CO Gas Explosion, Dec 1905


Denver. --- A Republican special from Lyons, Boulder county, Friday, says: An explosion occurred here about 7:20 this evening when the Monarch Acetylene gas plant, by which the store of M. J. SCANLON was lighted, exploded. L. C. LYON received injuries that may cause death. The lights in the store were flickering and LYON, who is a clerk, went into the stone cellar in the rear of the yard to see what was the trouble with the lights. He went alone and took a lighted lantern. No one knows how the explosion occurred. LYON was found about fifty feet from the stone building against a high board fence in front of the yard, horribly mutilated. His clothing had been blown from his body, which was a mass of blood and bruises. He is alive, and the doctors say there is a chance for him to recover.

The lantern which he carried was found a block away. The stone building containing the gas plant was blown to pieces. The windows across the street in the Lyons Recorder building, ZANG'S brewery building, the post office building and the Golden Rule store were all blown out. The concussion was felt all over the town.

Alamosa Journal Colorado 1905-12-08