Norrie, CO Deeds House Fire, Sept 1897


Horrible Accident Occurs At Norrie.

Child of R. M. DEEDS Locked up by Its Parents Sets Fire to Its Clothing and is Found Dead by Neighbors – Most Pathetic Incident.

GEORGE D. NOBLE, who rode over the range from Thomasville, yesterday told of the shocking death of the little daughter of MR. AND MRS. R. M. DEEDS near Norrie in the northwestern part of this county on Monday. It is the old story of parents locking their children up in the house; the children find matches; the child's clothes is set on fire and it dies a horrible death.

The victim in this distressing case was a little girl, weak physically and mentally. MR. AND MRS. DEED left it and a child still younger locked up in the house.

Just how the accident occurred can never be known, but in some manner the little girl's clothes were set on fire and burned entirely from her body. Some neighbors passing the house were attracted by the crying of the younger child, and unfastened a wire by which the door was locked from the outside, entered. They were appalled at the sight which met their gaze. In the middle of the floor in a sitting posture was the nude and blackened corpse of the little girl. When the end came the child's body had dropped forward, but still maintained a partially upright position. How long it suffered or what agony it experienced can only be imagined. From the cinders that had fallen from its clothing it is evident that the little one had wandered about the room for a time after its terrible experience. Feeling death coming on it had sat downn[sic] on the floor, and its last moments were probably peaceful. This would account for the position in which the body was found.

The grief of the parents on learning of the awful calamity that had befallen them is said to have been heartrending. If their carelessness was reprehensible their punishment was great. It would seem that the long list of such fatalities being recorded from time to time would be a solemn warning to parents with a spark of love for their offspring.

In this accident the babe left with the luckless little girl escaped injury in some almost miraculous manner. Its clothing was not ignited neither was the fire communicated to any part of the house or its contents. Thus, by what seems an act of providence, the life of the younger child was spared.
DR. RAMSEY, county coroner, received a telegram briefly announcing the death. He wired back yesterday for particulars, and on receipt of these did not deem it necessary to hold an inquest.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1897-09-04