Beaver Brook Station, CO Passenger Train Wrecked, Sep 1891



Denver, Sept. 14. -- Passenger train No. 814, bound toward Denver on the Fraymont Division of the Union Pacific railway, was wrecked Sunday morning about 11 o'clock near Beaver Brook Station and twenty-six passengers were injured, five of whom will die.
The seriously injured are:
MRS. GUTCHMACHER, of Blackhawk, Col., collar bone broken, back hurt, and internal injuries.
MR. RUHFELGER, merchant of Blackhawk, Col., internal injuries.
GEORGE B. TARR, conductor, of this city, chest crushed and internal injuries.
MR. BURNETT, of Nevadaville, Col., spine injured and injured internally.
MR. WATERS, injured internally.
Those less seriously injured are as follows:
E. L. WARREN, broken arm and bruised on body.
GEORGE AULT, express messenger, right wrist broken.
W. BROWNING, bruised on right side.
W. H. WARDOCK, legs bruised.
R. C. VIDEL, right side and hip bruised.
J. S. LALLIE, slight cuts on head, bruises on both hips.
W. C. DUSSELDORP, bruised on right side.
ERNEST HOWARD, back hurt.
E. M. DUNSMORE, cut on left side head, chest bruised.
FRANK BRODIE, cut on right hand and back sprained.
E. HOGLE, cut on head and bruised back.
C. C. DAVIS, right side bruised, cut on head.
MRS. STERNS, bruises on chest.
Child, eight years old, legs bruised.
HENRY HOWEY, cut on head.
JOHN WINDELL, bruises all over body.
M. FIRBY, slight bruises on head and right leg.
OWEN JONES, bruised on head and right side.
MR. GULLER, cut in back of head; seriously hurt.
There are others who were slightly injured, but whose names cannot be learned.

Decatur Morning Review Iowa 1891-09-15