Denver, CO Laboratory Explosion, Aug 1890

Courier Journal newspaper, Louisville, KY - Tuesday 5 August 1890


The Front of a Denver Laboratory Blown Out and the Chemist Killed

Denver, CO, Aug 4 - Chemicals exploded in the offices of the Denver Fire Brick and Chemical Supply House this afternoon. The entire front of the building was blown out, and the men passing in front of the store at the time were hurled across the street and badly bruised. The building too fire instantly, an, when partially extinguished a body, burned to a crisp and identified as that of the President of the company, Joseph Bosworth, was taken out of the ruins.

No others were killed, though several had narrow escapes from being caught in the flames. Mr. Bosworth was working in the center of the room making a flash light and the explosion of the chemicals he was using must have caused instant death, as one arm was blown off and the skull horribly crushes. Loss of building and stock, $20,000. Insured.