Denver, CO King Block Fire, Mar 1889

Heavy Fire in Denver.

DENVER, March 13. --- The King block on Lawrence street, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth, took fire this morning at 3:30. The ground floor is occupied by the KNIGHT-McCLURE Music company, CALLAWAY BROTHERS & DINGWELL, queensware; the SCHIFF-CARLTON Grocery company and the DENVER & RIO GRANDE EXPRESS company; while the two upper floors were occupied as offices and rooms. The greater portion of the lower floor was gutted.
The following are the losses:
KNIGHT-McCLURE company, $100,000; insured for $50,000.
CALLOWAY BROS. & DINGWALL. $15,000; insured for $30,000.
SCHIFF-CARLTON company $5,000;l insured for $15,000.
The losses of the other tenants are estimated at $25,000, partially covered.
The damage to the building is about $50,000.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1889-03-16