Aspen, CO Della S Mine Explosion, Oct 1896


Neal Boyle Badly Injured By a Premature Explosion.

Neal Boyle, a miner on the Della S, lies at the Citizens’ hospital suffering from injuries sustained yesterday afternoon.

Between 3 and 4 o’clock Mr. Boyle, who is working a lease in the Della S., had prepared two holes for firing. He applied the light to the fuses, one of which refused to burn. In endeavoring to ignite it he lingered too long. He realized his danger and turned to hurry away to a place of safety. He had taken but a step or two when the shot exploded and he was caught by a shower of flying rock.

With Mr. Boyle at the time was his brother, Daniel, who recently returned from Cripple Creek. He was not working but had gone to the mine to visit his brother. When the light was first applied Danny moved out of the drift expecting Neal to follow him. When he did not come and the explosion occurred Dan graped [sic] his way in the dark back to the face of the drift. He found his brother lying unconscious and apparently dead. He summoned help and the injured man was brought out through the Cowenhoven tunnel and moved to the Citizens’ hospital.

While Mr. Boyle’s injuries were found to be quite serious, a report from the hospital last night said he was resting easy and would get along all right. The force of the shock took effect in the head and upper part of the body and the man sustained some bad bruises and cuts.

Mr. Boyle resides at 514 West Main street with his father, mother, sister and three brothers. The news of his injury was a severe shock to his aged parents, the report of the sad accident as it first reached them being very much exaggerated.

The Aspen Weekly Times, Aspen, CO 24 Oct 1896