Carbondale, CO Mine Explosion, Feb 1893


Two Workmen of Orman & Crook’s Killed Near Carbondale Wednesday.

Carbondale, Colo., Feb 23.--[Special]--A shocking accident occurred on the line of the Crystal River railway grade about ten miles south of here at 3:30 o’clock yesterday afternoon by which two men lost their lives, one being Mr. Ed Crook, superintendent of camp No.2 of Orman & Crook, contractors, and the other Mr. Berry, a laborer. The charge in a hole had become clogged and in using a drill to loosen it an explosion followed. Mr. Crook was thrown sixty feet, striking on an island in the Crystal River. Both legs were broken. He lived but as few minutes after being picked up. He was a single man aged 36 years and was a cousin of William Crook, of the firm of Orman & Crook. He leaves a brother working in the same camp and three sisters in Jewel City, Kan. The body will be sent to his friends.

But little can be ascertained concerning Berry. His remains will be buried here.

Aspen Weekly Times, Aspen, CO 25 Feb 1893