Pueblo, CO Mesa Hotel Fire, Oct 1893


It Was Vacant and Boys Smoking Cigarettes Caused the Fire.

PUEBLO, Oct. 10. --- The MESA HOTEL burned to the ground yesterday. The hotel was six stories high with a three story cupola in addition. The walls were completed and the roof put on a year ago, but owing to the tightness of money the building was not completed.

A gang of boys used the cupola for headquarters for gambling, smoking and mischief planning, there being no watchman, and the entrances being all open. At 10 o'clock the cupola caught fire from a cigarette and the boys had to run for their lives. There was a tremendous draft through the frameless windows and doors and in five minutes the whole building was ablaze from top to bottom.

The first story walls are all that is left of the building. As it stood is cost $125,000. The insurance is $70,000.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1893-10-14