Greeley, CO Creamery Fire, Jun 1897


Loss Estimated at $1250 - - Supposed to be the work of Careless Tramps

About 9 o'clock Thursday night fire was discovered in the Greeley creamery and an alarm was given. The fire department quickly responded, promptly sad it required quick work to get the flames under control. The structure was dry and as inflammable as possible, owing to the large amount of cream fat that had soaked into the floors since its construction.

How the fire started is yet unknown as no fire had been used in the building [illegible], as is thought to be the work of careless tramps, a camp of those people ----- adjacent to the creamery.

The Greeley Creamery originally was organized and engaged in business the spring of 1891. It was well organized by farmers and was a sound revenue to the stockholders. [illegible*] English has been manager the last five years and proved his effectiveness to the satisfaction of all concerned.

The building and plant cost $22,000 and the damage by the fire is estimated at $1,250. In all probability it will be placed in repair as soon as possible.

The Greeley Tribune, Greeley, Weld Co., CO, 24 Jun 1897

*first name looks like it could be Harley, Hurley, Harvey, etc.


Well, even those who wanted the creamery to be moved, didn't want it to be moved in smoke. Some of the sparks fell at Mr. Norcross' southeast corner.

If the curfew bell had rung as usual, people would have noticed the fire alarm better; though not to save any more of the building perhaps.

Mr. English was on the grounds early Friday morning. Soon afterwards Mr. Lyons appeared and the amount of damage was calculated. Several were at the creamery after buttermilk Friday. People were told that night to get all the buttermilk they wanted, but no one seemed to want any.

We suppose no one could tell just how it caught fire, as the butter maker left the building a little after 4 o'clock and no one was there afterwards, until the cry of fire came.

The engine room being on the north-east side, the fire was very well advanced before discovered.

The Greeley Tribune, Greeley, Weld Co., CO, 24 Jun 1897