Cripple Creek, CO Rosebud Mill Fire, Jul 1894


The New Rosebud at Cripple Creek Is Entirely Consumed.

Cripple Creek, July 24 --- The Rosebud mill, one of the most complete gold ore reduction works in the country, was entirely destroyed by fire at a little after 6 o’clock this morning. The loss will reach $130,000. The plant was owned almost completely in France by a company known as La Societe Annpiyne Des Mines De Lexington.

It had only just been put in fine running order and it was predicted that it would at once prove a highly profitable investment. It was equipped with fifty stamps, Gilpin county bumpers, fire vanners, amalgamating pairs and settler’s roasters. A complete plant for treating ores by cyanide and also included a sampling mill. The Rosebud was insured in California companies, but only for a small part of its loss.

The owners of the Rosebud also owned the Deerborn property on Globe hill. The mill was located at Mound City near the junction of Squaw and Cripple creeks, and cost in round figures $100,000. Besides its valuation, it had the distinction of being one of the most perfectly equipped plants of its class in the West. Lately it has been reported that this mill would be forced to suspend work for the reason that enough ore could not be obtained to furnish its full capacity. The statement was denied.

At the time o the fire the mill was employing but eight men, having but recently started up again. Its full capacity was work for fifty men. The insurance amounts to $50,000. The local owners, who represent about one-fifth of the stock, favor rebuilding.

The fire was discovered by the night watchman on the second story. It spread rapidly and although the men called to his aid succeeded in stopping it twice with water carried in buckets, the flames broke out again and became wholly beyond control. The origin is unknown. It is not believed here that it was incendiary as neither the mine or mill figured in the recent troubles.

The Aspen Weekly Times, Aspen, CO 28 Jul 1894