Aspen, CO Centennial Hotel Fire, Sept 1897


The fire department was called out at 1 o’clock yesterday morning and for several hours the boys had a hard fight of it. The fire started in the old Centennial hotel building, 529 East Hyman avenue, formerly owned by Henry Hull. The building is a two story frome [sic] structure and both above and below is partitioned off into small rooms. When discovered the fire had gained considerable headway and was located in the small rooms near the center of the house. The hallways are only about three feet wide and these were filled with great volumes of smoke, making entrance to the building almost impossible.. The boys worked long and faithfully and by 5 o’clock the blaze was extinguished. The building and contents were practically ruined.

How the fire originated is a mystery. The building is little used now, and at the time of the fire. Mr. Hull, who sleeps there, was the only occupant.

Mr. Hull used the place as a bicycle repair shop and on his tools, bicycles and outfit carried an insurance of $500. On his furniture stored there he had an insurance of $800. or $1300 in all. The building is owned by the Fidelity Trust company and it is not known what amount of insurance was carried.

Aspen Weekly Times, Aspen, Co 18 Sept 1897