Ukiah, CA Business Section Fire, June 1917

Destroyed in the Fire The Ukiah Fire in Progress


Ukiah, June 19. -- Three square blocks of business buildings and residences today are charred ruins, swept before a wind-swept fire which started late last evening in a barn behind a livery stable.
Police estimates fixed the losses at approximately $400,000.
Besides the local fire department, aided by hundreds of volunteers, the fire apparatus from the State hospital, on the outskirts of town, and the complete fire department from Willits, twenty-four miles distant, were called into play to fight the flames.
The buildings destroyed were of both wooden and brick construction, the terrific wind of the late afternoon, reaching semi-cyclonic velocity, being held responsible for the quick spread of the flames.The ODLE House, a hotel of twenty-five rooms, was destroyed. A pile of poles belonging to the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company and the Snow Mountain Electric Company, was burned and from these sparks spread the flames to a grain field of fifty acres, which was completely devastated. The flames reached the ranch house known as "Twin Oaks," which also was destroyed.
The Postoffice Building and the MARKS Drygoods establishment, the latter the largest retail store in the town, are among the places destroyed by the fire.
Among the other establishments completely destroyed are:
The BART CLELAND furnuture store.
GARNER & HILDRETH auto supplies store.
Ukiah City auto supply store.
F. C. ALBERSTON real estate offices.
DAVENPORT restaurant.
The Variety Store.
MATLIN'S bakery.
HAUSER'S butcher shop.
DAVID'S poolroom.
HAMMER'S livery stables.
Chinese restaurant.
The FRANK LAPORTE lumber yards.
Partially destroyed are:
COX'S hardware store.
FIX Brothers feed store.
The rear of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company.
The WELLS, FARGO offices.
Eight dwelling houses.

Oakland Tribune California 1917-06-19