Santa Barbara, CA Earthquake, June 1925

St. Anthony's Apartments Damage Chruch Damage Arlington Hotel Damaged Arlington Hotel Damaged Power House Damaged Arlington Hotel Damaged Before the Earthquake




Santa Barbara, June 29. -- (AP) -- Ten million dollars damage and twelve known dead and virtual destruction of most of the business buildings on State street resulted from the earthquake. Associated Press man first to use only phone available and sent in this information.

San Francisco, June 29. -- (By the A.P.) -- Santa Barbara, the picturesque little city, perched high above the ocean in Southern California, suffered disaster, the extent of which has not been determined, from an earthquake, which was general over Southern California shortly before 7 a.m. today, but which apparently struck lightly in other towns.
The Associated Oil Company received over private lines from Santa Maria, a report that many large buildings in Santa Barbara had been leveled.
Direct wire communication failed at 7:40 a.m., about the time the earthquake was felt in other towns between Bakersfield and Los Angeles.
In Los Angeles the shocks were severe enough to sway downtown buildings. Late advices said the Gibralter dam, part of the Santa Barbara water system, broke and emptied.
En Centro reported that the earthquake was not felt in the Imperial valley on the southern boundary of the state. Apparently the earthquake did not extend farther north than Bakersfield.
Santa Barbara, whose situation has been compared to that of Naples, Italy, is a noted resort. Many wealthy persons from all parts of the country go there.

Great Loss Of Life.
San Luis Obispo, Calif., June 29. -- A Southern Pacific dispatch says the loss of lives and damage to buildings at Santa Barbara is much greater than first indicated. A number of small fires have broken out.
Two fires started in the city but so far little damage has been reported by these.
It is feared that there may be considerable loss of life, particularly in the ruins of the Arlington hotel, one of whose walls collapsed like an egg shell.
The main street of the city upheaved and as the water mains parted, water shot up through the pavement.

Santa Barbara, June 29. -- Four persons are known to have been killed and from one hundred to three hundred were injured in the earthquake which shook this city this morning, damaging practically all structures in the city and wrecking several of the largest buildings.
The Santa Marcus building, largest business structure in the city, completely collapsed along one third of its length. The Hotel Arlington and the St. Francis hospital were practically destroyed. One of the four known dead are MRS. PERKINS, wife of a wealthy railroad man, was killed in the collapsed wing of a hotel. Three other bodies were found in the wreckage of business buildings in State street. They had not been identified at 11 a.m.
The earthquake centered in the business district. The two severe shocks at 6:46 and 6:47 o'clock were followed by others of minor violence.

San Francisco, June 29. -- (AP) -- Information relayed here to Associated Oil company offices over private lines from Santa Maria said that "many large buildings in Santa Barbara have been leveled by the earthquake which struck that section, this morning."
The information was obtained at Santa Barbara through private lines extending close to Santa Barbara.

Building Recently Built.
San Francisco, June 29. -- The Cabrillo hotel which was reported demolished was a recently constructed brick building of considerable size located one block from State street, the main street of the city. The hotel had accommodations for three hundred guests.

Big Dam Breaks.
San Francisco, June 29. -- The Gibralter dam, said to be part of the city's water system, broke and emptied, the message said. The Cabrillo hotel first split in two and then collapsed.
No word was received of deaths or injuries.

Phone Exchange Demolished.
San Francisco, June 29. -- The main exchange of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph company at Santa Barbara was demolished by the earthquake this morning, information to San Francisco coming over a crippled wire said shortly after 9 a.m.

Quake At Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, June 29. -- (AP) -- A severe earthquake rocked Los Angeles at 6:43 this morning. Down town buildings swayed considerably but the movement was slow and even and there were no indications of damage, although the motion continued for more than a minute.

Famous Watering Place.
San Francisco, June 29 -- (AP) -- Santa Barbara, site of an old Franciscan mission, dating back to 1788, is one of the famous watering places of America. Its beautiful situation partly encircled by hills and mountains had given it the name of the Mettone of America.
It is 157 miles from San Francisco and 104 miles from Los Angeles.
Santa Barbara has been long noted for its tourist hotels and its mild climate, both of which features, drew thousands of visitors annually from all over the world. Early reports said that most of these hotels had been damaged or destroyed.

City Is Flooded.
Saanta Barbara, June 29. -- All of the brick buildings in Santa Barbara were demolished this morning, including the Arlington hotel, by the earthquake which swept the state and seemed to center its ferocity on this city.
Water mains were broken and the city was partly flooded.

Relief Train Leaves.
San Luis Obispo, Cal., June 29. -- (AP) -- A Southern Pacific relief train is leaving here at once (8:30) a.m. to a site at Santa Barbara.
Reports received here by Southern Pacific officials say that the railroad roundhouse, the city reservoir, the San Marcus building and the Arlington hotel have been destroyed.
It also declared that State street had been torn up by the shocks.
Reports from Los Olivos, Santa Mario, Tampoco, Orcutt, and Nipomo, south of here, said that those points had been shaken up, but not damaged.
All telegraph wires between here and Santa Barbara are down.

Hotel Is Destroyed.
San Francisco, June 29. -- (AP) -- The Cabrillo house and a big beach hotel at Santa Barbara were destroyed in the earthquake, the Southern Pacific company was advised here. Most of the buildings on State street were destroyed.

Investigator Sent.
San Francisco, Cal., June 29. -- (AP) -- The federal reserve bank here announced late this morning that a man would be sent to Santa Barbara at once from the Los Angeles office to investigate conditions in the earthquake zone and report back to Los Angeles.

Bank Building Down.
San Luis Obispo, June 29. -- (AP) -- It is reported here that the earthquake at Santa Barbara demolished the buildings of the Pacific Southwest and Commercial banks. The Potter building also was destroyed. All the structures are on State Street.

27 Reported Dead.
San Francisco, June 29. -- (AP) -- One report received by the Southern Pacific company here said that seven lives had been lost at Santa Barbara; another message to the same company said that 27 were killed. The roof of the company's round house at Santa Barbara fell in, crushing several locomotives. Many slides were reported along the highway.

Death List Grows.
San Francisco, June 29. -- (AP) -- The Southern Pacific railroad company reports 65 dead at Santa Barbara as a result of the earthquake.

Seven In Hotel.
Santa Mario, June 29. -- (AP) -- Seven persons were killed in the destruction of the Hotel Arlington in the Santa Barbara earthquake this morning, according to advices received.

Hollywood Hit.
Hollywood, Calif., June 29. -- (AP) -- Hollywood experienced a shock early this morning from earthquake tremors. No damage has been reported. Buildings shook and furniture danced about the floors of homes.

Another Temblor.
San Francisco, June 29. -- (AP) -- The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph company here received word that another severe earthquake was felt at Santa Barbara at 9:15.
The Southern Pacific railroad is sending a Red Cross relief train to Santa Barbara, officials announced. The train is made up of nine coaches and several diners and carries a score of trained nurses.

Communication Established.
San Francisco, June 29. -- (AP) -- Direct telephone communication with Santa Barbara was established by the Associated Press this morning through Los Angeles and San Francisco. First reports over the re-established wires showed casualties were not so large as rumored.
"It is impossible to drive down State street in Santa Barbara because of the debris from wrecked buildings that block the street," a communication from San Luis Obispo to the office of the San Joaquin Light and Power corporation said today. The information was secured from a train dispatcher at San Luis Obispo, where the Light and Power corporation offices are, and telephoned to this city.
According to the latest information, bank buildings, the city library and city hall, a Catholic church and a school have been added to the list of buildings wrecked or damaged by the quake.

The Bismarck Tribune North Dakota 1925-06-29