Los Angeles, CA Auditorium Fire, Jan 1920

Shrine Auditorium on Fire


Los Angeles, Jan. 12. -- Shrine auditorium, the largest hall here, was completely destroyed by fire yesterday.
Six firemen, one policeman and one civilian were more or less seriously injured. OTTO SUEDKE, fire lieutenant, suffered a broken skull.
The origin of the fire is unknown, but early today both police and fire officials said they did not believe it was incendiary. One theory is that a defective gas heater was responsible. The loss is variously estimated at from $200,000 to $500,000. Officials of the Shriners, who owned the auditorium, were unable to place the exact loss today.
Shrine auditorium was the center of public gatherings in Los Angeles for 12 years. President Wilson spoke there when he was in Los Angeles campaigning for the league of nations. It seated 8,000 people.

Modesto Evening News California 1920-01-12