Oakland, CA Fire, May 1923


Two Firemen Injured; Flats and Stores Destroyed; Loss $50,000.

Three flats, a coal, wood and feed yard, and three stores were destroyed, two stores and three flats were badly damaged and two firemen were overcome in a general alarm fire which broke out at Telegraph avenue and Thirty-fourth street yesterday morning. and caused damage estimated at more than $50,000.

A blind man, proprietor of one of the stores, was trapped in the fire and was rescued by his wife, who led him through smoke-filled rooms to safety.

Practically half a block of frame buildings were wiped out by the blaze.

So many engines were used to pump water that the pressure was reduced, necessitating the running of hose lines five or six blocks to unaffected plugs.


Fireman F. J. CROWLEY, Engine Co. 21, and Hoseman JOHN D. TERRANCE, Truck Co. No. 5, received burns and were overcome by smoke fumes. They were given first aid treatment by CLARENCE JOHNSON, a druggist at Thirty-fouth street and Telegraph avenue. TERRENCE was later removed to the Emergency Hospital.

The fire started in the woodyard of EDWIN T. CORIE, 3409 Telegraph avenue, and spread to the STRAND hardware store, 3401 Telegraph avenue. Defying the efforts of firemen to hold it in check, the flames ate their way through this wooden structure, and began burning in both directions on Telegraph avenue.

From the hardware store, it spread to the following establishments:

Shoe shop of JOE NAGI, 3413 Telegraph avenue.

Grocery store of A. W. Manskey, 3419 Telegraph avenue.

______'s Home Bakery, 3421 Telegraph avenue.

HARRY HALLIN's tailor shop, 3421 Telegraph avenue.

G. HOLDERS, proprietor of the hardware store, is blind. He was trapped in the building and led to safety with difficulty by his wife. They lost everything.

MANSKEY had no insurance on his store. He attempted to enter the burning structure in an effort to save some of the stock, but was prevented by Police Corporals WILLIAM HALIMAN and EARL SCHWITZER.

Fireman CROWLEY, who was burned and overcome by smoke, is the man who at the recent Hawthorne school fire was struck while on a ladder by a burning section of falling roof, and caught the timber and kept it from falling on his mates below him.

Two families living above the grocery store were burned out.

Oakland Tribune, Oakland, CA 7 May 1923