Los Angeles, CA Flood, Jan 1910


Started Trams Running Again But Roadbed in Bad Shape.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3.---After being isolated for 48 hours partial communication again is established between Los Angeles and the outside world, although it will be many days before the damage wrought by the rain storms of the past four days is repaired and all lines of communication are restored to their normal conditions.

At 6:45 tonight the Golden Gate limited train of the Southern Pacific which had been stalled at Indio for two days arrived here. Trains 8 and 10 were sent east late today via El Paso with prospects of getting through unless further damage occurs.

Tonight there is still much concern felt by the officials of all three of the transcontinental roads reaching this city. Two long stretches of Los Angeles and San Bernadino on the route used jointly by the Salt Lake and Santa Fe. Salt Lake west bound trains are now being held at Victorville, Barstow and Otis, and it is hoped to bring them here on Wednesday.

The Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise, ID 3 Jan 1910