Sacramento, CA Motorcycle Race Accident, Jul 1915


San Jose Man Hurt by Riderless Machine at Sacramento.

By the Associated Press.

SACRAMENTO, July 25 – W. A. Leuders of Chicago, amateur motorcycle champion, was killed in the races here today when his machine ran into a post in the second lap of the race.

Leuders, who had already won the one, five and ten – mile championships, was intent on equaling his record made in St. Louis, when in addition to those three, he won the 25 – mile race.

In the second lap his pedaling chain broke and Leuders, instead of stopping attempted to steer his racing machine with one hand, and remove the tangled chain with the other. Officials, seeing his danger, prepared to warn him when he passed the judges stand, but on the far side of the track, his machine wavered, and crashed into a post. Leuders was thrown 25 feet, but his machine continued down the track 200 yards, almost wrecking Thomas Leggett, second in the race. Al Zettle of San Jose, riding a close third, was thrown from his machine and was painfully, but not seriously injured.

Another fatality was escaped in the 22d lap of the race, when Houton, one of the trio who continued, not knowing of the champion’s death, fell from his motorcycle at the turn where Claire King, an automobile driver, was killed several weeks ago. Houton landed on his feet and was not badly hurt.

The remainder of the program was called off.

San Jose Mercury Herald, San Jose, CA 26 Jul 1915



W. Lueders Loses Life When Machine Hits Post at Sacramento.

Sacramento, Cal., July 25 – W. Lueders of Chicago, holder of the amateur cycle championship at fifteen miles, was killed in a race here today when his machine ran into a post.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 26 Jul 1915