Santa Monica, CA Norto Beach Drowning, May 1905

George H. Weiss Drowned.

Los Angeles, Cal., May 16 – George Huber Weiss, of Elizabeth, Colo., was caught by a swift current while bathing at Norto Beach. Santa Monica, today, and swept out to sea and drowned before the eyes of friends, who tried in vain to rescue him.

Weiss who was 24 years old, had been visiting his grandfather, Alexander Weiss, of this city, during the winter. Anticipating an early return to his Colorado home, he went to the beach yesterday for a final plunge with a party of friends.

Shortly after entering the surf, Weiss and a young companion were caught by a current, and though a life guard and several friends threw out a buoy attached to a rope, Weiss seemed unable to hold to it in the heavy sea. His companion was rescued.

The body of Weiss was recovered. It will be sent to Colorado, where his mother resides, for interment.

The Castle Rock Journal, Castle Rock, CO 22 May 1905