Portola, CA Forest Fire, Aug 1924


QUINCY, Cal., Aug 9 – Forest service officials announced here at 5 p.m. that they expected to have under control before morning the fire that has been burning north of Portola since Wednesday. Eight thousand acres have been burned over, including several thousand acres of valuable timber. A donkey engine and 2,000,000 feet of logs have been destroyed.

The fire tonight was in the center of clover Valley and heading for an area previously burned over. Fear was felt for the safety of three men who entered the burning timber this afternoon and tonight were believed surrounded by the fire

Nevada State Journal, Reno, NV 10 Aug 1924



Special to The Journal.

PORTOLA, Cal., Aug 10 – a forest fire which started in a logged-off area 11 miles northeast of here last Thursday was reported under control tonight.

The flames have spread over about 8,000 acres of second-growth timber owned by the Clover Valley Lumber company. A donkey engine used in logging operations was burned in the flames.

Nevada State Journal, Reno, NV 11 Aug 1924



Special to The Journal.

QUINCY, Cal., Aug. 11 – Three fire fighters who were not accounted for last night and whom it was feared might have been surrounded by flames in the forest fire northeast of Portola emerged safe from the burning area early this morning.

The fire is under control and unless a heavy wind again fans the embers, forest service officials believe that it will be extinguished entirely tomorrow. A crew of 200 men is patrolling the fire lines.

Nevada State Journal, NV 11 Aug 1924