Monite County, MO Tornado, Apr 1880

A special from CALIFORNIA

says a terrific storm visited this part (Monite county) last night, doing great injury to property and killing and wounding a number of persons. The storm first struck the town of Barrettsville [sic], destroying almost every house in the place, them passed down the valley toward the North [illegible], demolishing nearly every building in its track. The following is a

A. G. Campbell,
two children of Henry McKinney,
Reuben Routon,
Mrs. Schaffer,
two children of Condrain Green,
a son of George Harter,
and Jack Wilson.

Several others were killed, but their names were not ascertained.

Between twenty and thirty were wounded.

The Dubuque Herald, Dubuque, IA 20 Apr 1880


Monite County Tornado, Apr 1880

This article probably refers to the tornado outbreak which struck Missouri on April 18, 1880. The line "Special from California" may refer to the town of California, Moniteau County, Missouri. The article states that the storm occurred in Barrettsville in "Monite County"; however, no town or county exists by that name in the State of California. This article probably describes a tornado which struck Barnettsville (not Barrettsville), Morgan County, Missouri on April 18, 1880. It was part of a large tornado outbreak on that date which also destroyed the town of Marshfield, Missouri (which is described in a large article on the same page of the Dubuque Herald). The tornado which destroyed Barnettsville crossed through part of Moniteau County, MO. The name Moniteau is very similar to the "Monite County" name given in the Dubuque Herald article. The article also appears to read that the tornado "passed down the valley toward the North Mor[g]an". Barnettsville is located in Morgan County. The census records of Moreau, Morgan County, Missouri also show several names which are similar to those mentioned in the article, including Cordain B. Green (1880) and Ruben D. Rouden, (1870 - similar to the Reuben Routen mentioned as being killed). Moreau is located fairly close to the old town of Barnettsville. The "Barnettsville-New Bloomfield" tornado event which killed 8 people in Barnettsville is described in the article entitled "A Re-Evaluation of the Tornado Outbreak in Missouri of April 18, 1880; The Marshfield Tornado Day; by Grant L. Darkow, Professor of Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri-Columbia: