El Toro Marine Air Station, CA Air Disaster Kills 84, June 1965

Crew of 12 on Tragedy Plane Listed.
McGuire Air Force Base, N. J. (UPI) -- Air Force officials Friday identified the 12 crewmen aboard the military transport jet that crashed near El Toro, Calif.:
The commander, Capt. WILLIAM F. CORDELL, JR., 27, lived on the base here with his wife, JEAN.
First Lt. JOHN A ZIETKE, JR., 27, first pilot, lived at this base.
First Lt. GARY M. RIGSBEE, 23, second pilot, lived at the base.
M/Sgt. BILLY H. MEREDITH, 34, a flight engineer, lived at the base.
T/Sgt. MARTIN W. TATEM, a flight engineer, lived at Pine Lane Farm, Jobstown, N. J., with his wife, MICKEY, and one child.
Airman 3/C ELWOOD C. VAN NOLE, JR., 19, a loadmaster, lived at the base.
Airman 1/C CHARLES A. REIVES, 23, flight traffic specialist, lived at the base.
Cadet GARY L. ZIMMERMAN, 20, class of 1967, United States Air Force Academy, lived with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marlin E. Zimmerman, in Halifax, Pa.
Capt. JACQUES G. SENECAL, 32, a navigator, lived with his wife, HUGUETTE, Bordentown, N. J.
First Lt. ROBERT H. K. SHANNON, 29, a navigator, lived on the base with his wife, DELORES, and three children.
S/Sgt. JAMES E. BURNS, 29, a flight engineer, lived on the base with his wife, LINDA, and three children.
S/Sgt. BOBBY L. CALHOUN, 28, a loadmaster, lived on the base with his wife, WILFREDA, and three children.
Passengers Dead In Crash:
Cpl. TUCKER R. BURT, son of William A. Burt, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Pfc JERRY GRIFFITH, son of Mrs. Katherine Griffith, Jackson, Miss.
Pfc RUSSELL J. BABCOCK, JR., son of RUssell Babcock, St., Tomkins Cove, N. Y.
Cpl. EMERSON K. BROWN, husband of Nancy B. Brown, Kent, Wash.
Pfc ROGER J. BEITER, son of Richard Beiter, W. Seneca, N. Y.
Pfc. DICKIE L. GLOVER, son of Mrs. Freida Belle Glover, Muskegon, Mich.
Cpl. MICHAEL J. MANDO, JR., son of Mrs. Agnes Mando, Tayler, Pa.
Cpl. ANTHONY E. NELSON, brother of John C. Nelson, 910 1/2 Morine Ave., Wilmington, Calif.
Cpl. MICHAEL A. PALMIERI, husband of Irene Palmieri, Elmira, N. Y.
Pfc ROSCO FORD, husband of Devon Ford, Miami, Fla.
Cpl. GEORGE C. BURROW, nephew of George Burrow, Norman, Ark.
Cpt. VICTOR M. GIRODENGO, husband of Maria L. Girodengo, San Diego, Calif.
Lance Cpl. GAIL K. HANING, son of Rev. M. Haning, Albany, Ohio.
Pfc HARRY R. HAWK, son of Flora M. Hawk, Oberlin, Penn.
Pfc. JERRY G. HAWKINS, son of Mrs. J. E. Hawkins, Mableton, Ga.
Sgt. JAMES LEE, husband of Ardett Lee, 2104 Wayside, Compton, Calif.
Pfc. JOSEPH D. MAGELINSKI, son of Joseph Magelinski, Greenfield, Mass.
Cpt. EDWARD M. MOREHEAD, brother of Anthony Morehead, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Lance Cpl. WILLIAM B. BREEN, son of Rufus M. Breen, Bellefonte, Penn.
Cpl. JAMES H. BROCK, son of John C. Brock, Birmingham, Ohio.
Lance Cpl. JOHN G. BRUSSO, JR., son of John G. Brusso, Ontario, N. Y.
Lance Cpl. DOUGLAS D. EVERETT, son of Donald C. Everett, Allentown, Pa.
Cpl. RICK G. PACHECO, husband of Leora M. Pacheco, Portland, Ore.
Lance Cpl. ENRIQUE D. PADILLA, son of Alfonso Padilla, Santa Rosa, N. M.
Lance Cpl. ALFRED E. PATERSON, husband of Susan F. Peterson, Littleton Commons, Mass.
Cpl. EDWARD P. RAY, son of Beatrice Lu Billebahl, no hometown listed.
Pfc ROBERT J. RHODES, son of Sarah Rhodes, Paterson, N. J.
Pfc JERRY W. ROSS, son of Bern Ross, no hometown listed.
Pvt. ROBERT S. SHEDIS, son of Bruno Shedis, Calumet Park, Ill.
Pfc JOSEPH B. SHEPPARD, son of Edna Sheppard, Philadelphia, Pa.
Pvt. JERRY SKIDMORE, husband of Dora Skidmore, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Lance Cpl. CHARLES L. STEVENS, husband of Linda K. Stevens, Cambridge, Ohio.
Cpl. HARRISON WALLACE, husband of Annette B. Wallace, Clemens, Ala.
Cpl. JAMES V. MATARUSKI, son of Valentine Mataruski, Johnson City, N. Y.
Cpl. PAUL T. CHAPIN, husband of Sharon Ann Chapin, Coranado, Calif.
Lance Cpl. JAMES C. TISCHER, son of James F. Tischer, Hannibal, Mo.
Lance Cpl. DANNY E. HOLDER, son of A. R. Holder, Nashville, Tenn.
Pfc FRANKLIN NEWMAN, son of Charlotte Newman, Loomis, N. J.
Pfc. RONALD R. RICHERT, son of Mrs. L. C. Richert, Pontiac, Mich.
Cpl. THOMAS B. GLADSTONE, son of Mrs. R. Gladstone, Largo, Fla.
Cpl. GEORGE E. COLLEGE, husband of Betty J. College, Davisburg, Mich.
Cpl. CHARLES HARMAN, husband of Jean Harmon, Eatill, S. C.
Sgt. JAMES C. MOULTRIE, husband of Toyo Moultrie, Moza City, Okinawa.
Lance Cpl. ROBERT E. HARVEY, son of Roy Harvey, Upland, Calif.
Pfc JAMES T. KITCHENS, son of Mrs. J. A. Kitchens, Madleton, Ga.
Pfc ARTHUR SLAUGHTER, son of Ethel Slaughter, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Cpl. WILLIAM R. KITTEL, husband of Kathleen P. Kittel, Sulsun City, Calif.
Lance Cpl. HOWARD D. HALT, son of Hazel Grant, Winfield, Kan.
Lance Cpl. BRIAN MARTIN, son of Phillis Martin, Minersville, Pa.
Cpl. TIMOTHY M. TREEWEEK, husband of Rosita Treweek, of Los Angeles.
Pfc LAWRENCE R. VANNESS, son of Alsetsa Rose Wilder, Rochester, N. Y.

The Independent Pasadena California 1965-06-26


Missing Names

I noticed several names which are missing. I was stationed with the 1st A.T. Bn Camp Pendelton Ca when this terrible thing happen we were scheduled to go to Nam by way nof ship But several of our guys were pulled out and were being sent by plane It has been so long ago I don't remember all the names but I do remember Pfc Donald Donaldson and several others one who's lasaat name was Garcia. I have always thiught that if they had needed a few more men I would more than likely have been on that plane as my last name is Garrett ( right after Garcia) I

Anthony Nelson

My name is Ann Nelson. I lost my brother Anthony. Nelson on that plane crash I was only 9 but remember the hurt and pain. I was wondering if anyone. On that hill that day found. letters or anything pertaining to my brother. Thank-you so much for going up on that hill. Sincerely Ann Nelson

F4 crash

I also was a witness to the crash. I was 15 years old and at the beach at Newport Beach, CA.. People around me starting screaming and pointing to the south. I looked up and saw an F4 phamtom jet fully engulfed in flames and desperately trying to reach the ocean so the crew could safely eject. They had just taken off from El Toro Marine Corp Base. Both the pilot and his radar intercept officer had tremendous courage and stayed with the plane so it wouldn't crash into a populated area. I watched the plane go from horizontal flight into a nose dive directly into the ocean trailing flames for hundreds of feet. I was several miles away and saw a huge plume of water erupt from the ocean and the boom of the crash arrived several seconds later. Tens of thousands of people saw the crash and there was film of it on television later that same night. Our local paper later listed the names of the crew and I belive that one of them was from Montana. I have been haunted by this event for over 45 years and have also tried to find information on this disaster but can't find anything.

PS I am convinced that the event took place in July 1967 and not 1966.

anthony e nelson

Tony was my brother. I was only 9 but to this day. I remember the day we lost him. I cannot hear the bugles make me cry.If you would like to know more. Please feel free to email me desertgirl92040@yahoo.com. Thank-you l

El Toro Plane Crash 1965

My Fiance (we were engaged to be married) was on that plane, however his name is not on this list. He was stationed in Quantico, VA , and I lived in the small town of Quantico in 1965. I saw in a local newspaper in 1965, his name on a list, however the newspaper was lost. Is there any information you could help me with as to why his name isnt on this list? I would appreciate it so much. Sincerely, Wanda

1965 El Toro Plane Crash

My father, Lance Corp. Alfred Eugene Peterson (mispelled above) was on that plane. He and my mother were only married 19 days and I am the product of their honeymoon. I am currently in contact with the Irvine Ranch Conservancy trying to get some more information on the wreck and trying to find out if there is a memorial for these men. I have also been in contact with other family members and we are sharing information. Please feel free to contact me. I also want to express my deepest gratitude to those men who took on the huge task of bringing the remains back.

My father, Lance Corp.

My father, Lance Corp. Alfred Peterson (mispelled on list) was on that plane. He and my mother were only married 19 days when he was killed. I am the product of their honeymoon so he never knew of me. My mother kept all of the newspaper articles about the crash, but she was on the East Coast. I now live in Southern California and ironically overlook the Santa Ana Mountains everyday! I am thrilled to get more and more information about this great tragedy. My grandmother has petitioned the Military to include the names of these Marines on the Vietnam Wall; as they were serving their country even though they were killed Stateside. One day I am hoping to be able to go up and see where the crashsite was, but am told it is rugged terraine. I still run into people who were here in So. CA in 1965 and they all remember the day of this great tragedy.
Lisa (Peterson) Hollingsworth


I am Tony's sister I was only nine years old when he died. I just remember going to marineland with him and then taking him to his barracks. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him. Let me know what info you would like. If I don't know my sister should. My brother john has passed away. Also anything you know I would really enjoy hearing. Thank-you. Ann. Nelson

tony nelson

I am Tony/ Anthony Nelson sister. I have been looking. For anyone that remembered my brother. I wad only nine years old but I remember the day we dropped him at
the base If you have any pictures. Or just memory's of. Of things he said or did I would appreciate. I am now 55 and there is not a. day that goes by that I do not think about him sincerely ann

f4 emerald bat crash 7/7/1967

I was there, 10 years old at the time. There is an LA Times archival article about the crash you can research. I remember the aircraft passing above the beach at an altitude of about 400 feet, entirely in flames, and with no power. It crashed about 1 mile offshore. The pilot and radar intercept officer stayed aboard to guide the aircraft away from the crowded beaches and downtown area. Their names were not mentioned pending notifcation of NOK. I wish I knew who they were.