Colton, CA Train Wreck, Mar 1907

Colton CALIF Train wreck marker 3-28-1907.jpg

Coroner Van Wye was at the scene of the wreck within an hour, and immediately took charge of all the bodies. The Coroner swore in a number of special officers to prevent pillage. They patrolled the track and prevented the crowd of several hundred which quickly assembled from interfering with the work of rescue.

All of the dead are men, with the exception of one Italian woman.

Gregory Rogers, of the theatrical company, sustained a severe scalp wound, and was the only one of the company whose injuries were of a serious nature. Miss Roberts retained her composure, and after being assisted from the wrecked coach, gave directions for the care of the injured and the recovery of the company's baggage. One car of theatrical scenery, valued at $10,000, was completely destroyed. The company was en route for Bakersfield from El Paso.

Milton Hill, of the New York Central Railroad, is also reported to be among the dead.

Two at the Colton hospital will die tonight.

Another, A. R. Wilthers, of Sacramento, cannot live. His arm is torn off and one eye destroyed.


Among the injured are:

Thomas DAVIS, Tucson, leg crushed.
Julius KRETCH, Copteropolis [sic], Pa., limbs cut, badly bruised.
Cora STARKIE, Bowie, Tex., foot broken.
J. A. FALCONER, Roseville, Cal., leg broken. Two children of Falconer, cut and bruised.
Members of the Florence Roberts Company uninjured excepting John Defoe and Gregory Rogers.
Fred ACKERMAN, Utica, N. Y.
Patrick GRIFFIN, Lynn, Mass.
H. F. WALTER, Matoon, Ill.
Justice WIGREN, Chicago.
Robert WELLS, Canes, Mexico.
Ida SHUMAN, Gillaway, Neb. head cut, ear mangled.
Max F. GLENN, Los Angeles, leg broken.
G. B. G. ROGERS, Amador City, head cut.
H. WALTERS, legs broken, badly injured.
Oscar ANDERSON, Los Angeles.
S. T. WOODS, Richmond.
Twelve Italians, more or less seriously injured.
A. R. WALTERS, Rocklin, Cal., arm torn off.
G. S. JONES, Los Angeles, wrist sprained.
Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Schuman, Callaway, Neb., cut and bruised.
Miss Nellie SCHUMAN, cut and bruised.
Miss Alice SCHUMAN, ear nearly torn off, scalp wounds.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank TOOMBS, residence not known, cuts and bruises.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter LENSEN, Galveston, Texas, cut and bruised.
Mrs. Elizabeth A . ROCHE, Phoenix, Arizona, cut and bruised.
Miss Minnie McINTYRE, Phoenix, cut and bruised.
John BROWER, Los Angeles, cut and bruised.
Stephen WOODS, Richmond, Cal., two arteries cut in arm.

Of the injured twenty are at the Colton Hospital, eighteen at the Presbyterian Church and fifteen others were taken to private residences. Nearly two score others sustained slight injuries, and after undergoing treatment were able to care for themselves.

H. T. Walchers, of Sacramento, one of the injured, died shortly before 2 o'clock this morning.

L. R. Alvord, W. K. Davis and J. G. Guesenmeyer, members of the switching crew, who are accused of leaving the switch open and causing the wreck, were tonight taken into custody and held in $1000 bail by Coroner Van Wye.

San Jose Mercury, San Jose, CA 29 Mar 1907


The dead:

ALBERT W. SHIE, mail clerk; GEORGE L. SHARPE, Muncie, Ind.; F. I. WALTERS, Sacramento; WILLIAM HILL, New York City, and 17 Italians.

The New York Times, New York, NY 30 Mar 1907

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