Livermore, CA B29 Bomber Crash Kills Seven, Mar 1946


Livermore, Calif., March 20 --(UP)-- Seven enlisted men and officers were found dead in the wreckage of a B29 which crashed the same day 26 died in a military plane crash near Truckee.
The B29 wreckage was found at the top of a 3,820 foot peak near Livermore.
An army gound search party reached the wreckage of the B29 Super Fortress on a snow covered ridge 15 miles south of here today and recovered the bodies of its seven crewmen.
The searchers, guided in stormy weather by daring aerial observers, reached the wreckage approximately 22 hours after the Hawaii to California Super Fortress crashed while trying to find a landing place in Northern California.
The search party reported to air transport command headquarters merely that the wreckage had been located and the bodies recovered. It was the first word from the searchers since they started out last night.
The hunt had been slowed by a snowstorm on the ridge, and heavy rains along the valley. Shortly before the B29 was reported found, a small army plane with a two way radio piloted by RICHARD DAVIS took off from Castle Field, Merced, to direct searchers.

The Fresno Bee California 1946-03-20