Los Angeles, CA Street Car Wreck, Aug 1906

Street Car Wreck Near Los Angeles Injures Many

Los Angeles, Cal., Aug 17.-- A collision between two cars of the Redondo-Los Angeles electric lines shortly after 8 o’clock this morning south of the city just outside of the corporate limits resulted in the injury of fifteen passengers, several of whom are seriously hurt, and two of whom, it is believed, will die.

Following is a list of the injured:
J. F. KNEPPER, tourist, internally, may die.
Mrs. ROSENA JONES, right shoulder broken.
E. WILLIAMS, contusion of the back and abrasion of left leg.
O. H. SMART, school boy, leg caught between two seats and crushed.
E. H. SHERLEY, injured about the head and internally.
E. M’KENZIE, motorman car number 19, cut above right eye and leg injured
J. STITT, right leg believed to be broken.
GUY MONROE, nose broken, and cut above right eye.
R. H. SMART, cut over right eye, with barbed wire of right of way fence, and left arm badly bruised.
ROBERT BELL, advertising man of Herald, left arm and leg injured.
J. W. Dunne, of Moneta, cut above right eye
C. E. MONROE, cut on fact, right shoulder broken.
J. H. DEAL, leg injured, neck strained.
J. H. SIMKINS, left wrist fractured, abrasion left temple.

All of the injured, with two exceptions, were from this city. The accident was caused by a misunderstanding of orders.

The wreck occurred at Figueros and 48th street, and was a head-on collision.

The front ends of both cars were telescoped and the passengers thrown in every direction. Scarcely a person on board escaped injury of some sort. At this point there is a switch and one of the cars was expected to take it. Both proceeded, however, on the main line, the in coming car was going at a high
rate of speed but the car bound to the beach was not running over ten miles an hour.

When a collision was seen to be inevitable, the motorman of the two cars endeavored to stop, but only succeeded in slightly reducing the speed before the crash came. After the accident each motorman insisted he had the right of way. J.M. Dunn, who was among the injured, saw the collision coming and jumped, but alighted in the wire fence that borders the track and was badly cut in several places.

Car number one, outbound from the city, was in charge of Motorman MacKenzie and Conductor Witte. The former stuck to his post and was badly injured. He had been running on this line but two days. Car number nineteen incoming, was in charge of Motorman W. Smith and Conductor Mouier. Neither were hurt. The collision occurred on a sharp curve. The track at this point is a single one. A larger number was injured than was indicated by the names secured. Several were removed immediately to their homes.

A statement by officials of the railway company places the blame entirely upon the employes who were in charge of the cars.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 13 Aug 1906