Grub Gulch, CA Fire, Jul 1900


It Has Swept Over Twenty Square Milers of Territory.

Grub Gulch, Ca., July 15.--Since July 4 a fierce fire has been raging in the district south of Fresno river and, up to date, territory to the amount of 20 square miles has been burned. The fire was started on the 4th of July at the Holton place, near the Chinese store, on the Coarse Gold road, by a firecracker set off by a little girl. The house and outbuildings were burned and the flames spread rapidly eastward, sweeping everything before them. All fences have been burned and three families have been rendered homeless. The fire reached North Fork on Tuesday. The whole population turned out to fight the fire. It took 100 men to keep it from the houses. The flames passed around the town and are still sweeping eastward. The old Waterloo stamp mill, together with thousands of dollars worth of machinery, was burned Thursday. A terrific explosion Monday announced that the powder mill at Quartz mountain had been blown up. Hundreds of cords of wood have been burned. There is no telling when the fire will stop.

The Anaconda Standard, Anaconda, Mt. 15 Jul 1900