Los Angeles, CA Electric Car Wreck, Jul 1913



Eleven Killed and at Least 250 Injured as Result of Some One's Blunder, While Death List May be Increased.

Los Angeles. -- A rear-end collision between two electric trains packed with pleasure seekers returning from Venice and Ocean Park brought death to eleven persons Sunday night and injured at least 250, some of whom may die.

The wreck occurred on the Venice Short Line just opposite the power house just at the end of Sixteenth street, the extreme western limits of Los Angeles.

A three-car train packed from door to door with returning beach visitors crashed into a standing three-car train while running at a high rate of speed. There were no lights in the last coach of the standing train and the motorman of the speeding train had only the warning of a few seconds that elapsed in rounding the curve until his headlight flashed on the rear of the coach ahead.

Men, women and children who had been standing in the aisles were jammed together in both cars which bore the brunt of the collision. Those sitting in the seats were wedged together in a compact mass, when the force of the collision jammed the seats together like the folding of a concertina.

Darkness added to the horror of the situation, and delayed the work of rescue in which those slightly hurt or unscathed lent assistance.

Whether or not the conductor of the stalled train had sent a man back on the curve to flag the approaching train could not be learned.

Carbon County Utah 1913-07-17


Revised List Shows 14 Dead and Many Injured.
Los Angeles, July 14 -- The list of dead follows:
MISS EDNA AHER, secretary Associated Charities, Pasadena, California.
MISS VERONICA MILLER, telephone operator, Los Angeles.
JACOB BARMAN, Los Angeles.
EDWARD MURRAY, Toronto, Canada.
MERLE EVANS, Los Angeles.
OLLIE W. AXLEY, Bakersfield.
MRS. C. G. NORMAN, Los Angeles.
IRWIN PLATZ, 17 years old, Los Angeles.
J. CARL MURRAY, Los Angeles.
SIDNEY JOHNSTON, Youngstown, Ohio.
Unidentified Woman.
Two Unidentified Japanese.
The List of More Seriously Injured Includes:
C. B. CRAIG, Detroit; internally injured.
MRS. IRENE CRAIG, his wife; bruised and internally injured.
HELEN HANE, Escanaba, Mich.; body crushed, probably will die.
C. B. COMBE, Coronado; both legs broken.
MRS. ANNA COMBE, Coronado; internal injuries.
MISS INGEBORG SWENDSEN, Chicago; knee fractured.
L. T. DENTON, Kansas City; leg and ribs broken.
E. AREY, merchant, Torreon, Mexico; both legs broken, internal injuries.
GEORGE ROSENFELT, Kingman, Ariz.; back strained.
MRS. CARL JOHNSON, Venice; back broken.
JOSEPH JOSEN, JR., aged 6, Los Angeles; legs crushed.
NELLIE MURRAY, daughter of EDWARD MURRAY, Toronto; jaw and nose broken.

Oakland Tribune California 1913-07-14