Bakersfield, CA Van And Auto Crash, Nov 1973


Bakersfield (AP) - Eight Bakersfield residents were killed in a grinding intersection collision that ripped the left side off a sedan carrying seven of the victims, the Highway Patrol said.
The seven, including four children, were members of two related families on their way to a relative's house, officers said their car was struck at a rural intersection Sunday evening by a van officers said went through a stop sign.
The impact, also killed the van driver, LELAND STONEBARGER, 63, Bakersfield.
It exploded into flames.
A passerby, Lawrence Leech, 20, Bakersfield, pulled the dead and injured away from the fire.
Killed in the sedan were the driver, WALTER LLEWELLYN, 30; his children, JOHN, 13 months and MATTHEW, one-month; and his step-daughter, GINA EDWARDS, 7.
Also, LLEWELLYN'S brother, ROGER LLEWELLYN, 22; his wife, SHARON, 18; and their daughter, MICHELLE, one month.
WALTER LLEWELLYN'S wife, JANINE, 29, and his brother's son, GREGORY, 2, survived and were hospitalized in serious condition.

Santa Cruz Sentinel California 1973-11-19