Santa Cruz, CA Head On Crash Kills Five, Jun 1956


Santa Cruz (AP) - A head-on crash killed three San Franciscans and two men from Bakersfield yesterday on State Highway 1 some 20 miles north of here.
Killed outright were:
ERNEST BALLIDIS, 27, San Francisco, fireman;
DERRELL WINGARD, 26, lifeguard at Fleish-hacker Pool;
PAUL DUORNER, 25, a sheet-metal worker and part-time lifeguard;
ALFA L. HEY, 43;
and J. T. MOSIER, 37, oil-drillers from Bakersfield.
CHARLES R. GRIMM, 25, another San Francisco fireman, was the only survivor. He was treated for cuts, bruises and possible concussion at Santa Cruz County Hospital where he was reported in good condition but under observation.
GRIMM, was driving a station wagon toward Santa Cruz for a day of surfboarding. With him were three friends since boyhood, BALLIDIS, WINGARD and DUERNER.
He apparently was saved when he swerved to avoid a coupe driven by HAY, who was driving with MOSIER toward a new job near La Honda in San Mateo County. Both were employed by the Garr Core Drilling Co., of Bakersfield.
Other motorists who came on the scene some minutes after the crash occurred found BALLIDIS' body 75 feet away from the point of impact. It was on a straight stretch of road where visibility was not impeded. Three surfboards on the roof of the station wagon were thrown 100 feet to the south. The tailgate was thrown over a fence.
From skid marks Highway Patrolmen deduced that HAY'S coupe crossed the center line.
Neither HAY nor MOSIER were carrying drivers licenses, said Highway Patrolman Ellsworth Medina. Their bodies were found in the crushed cab of HAY'S car.

The Times San Mateo California 1956-06-25