San Diego, CA (near) 100 Car Pileup, Nov 1958


San Diego, Calif. (AP) - Fog turned a stretch of Pacific coast highway into a nightmare alley in which more than 100 cars collided. Two women were killed and 15 persons injured.
Motorists speeding along the busy highway were taken unawares by the thick fog bank 20 miles north of San Diego. Moving abruptly from clear weather into the fog, they piled up with frightening regularity over a six hour period yesterday.
The two women killed were passengers in two cars involved in a minor rear-end collision. They were standing by the damaged cars when another car plowed into them.
Killed were MRS. BARBARA TITTEL, 24, San Francisco, and MRS. ESTHER ANDERSON, 38, of Los Angeles. MRS. TITTEL'S husband, ROBERT, 30, was seriously injured.
The accidents all took place during the early morning in a 3 1/2 mile stretch of the highway, which skirts the ocean. One series involved 25 cars in a chain reaction of rear-end collisions. Ten cars tangled in another pileup. In all 23 cars were so badly damaged they had to be towed away.
All the accidents were on the south-bound lanes of the divided highway. Fog was general in the San Diego area and motorists driving north were creeping cautiously through it.

The Times Record Troy New York 1958-11-10