Dead Man's Point, CA Deadly Rock Fall, Dec 1949


Victorville, Cal. (AP) - Without warning, a 70-ton granite slab split from a cliff at Dead Man's Point and crashed onto a holiday picnic, crushing to death four persons and critically injuring two others.
Horrified children of the victim's watched helplessly as the huge rock fragment brought a swift, tragic climax to the outing of 18 friends on the edge of the Mojave Desert yesterday. The popular picnic site, overlooking the desert, is sheltered by the rocky prominence.

Rescuers said the jutting rock broke free because a six-hour campfire heated it following the intense cold of the early morning.
Killed were:
ROBERT ASPER, 35, of Upland, Cal.
MRS. JESSIE ISOM, 45, of Upland, Cal.
HAROLD BOVEE, 40, Ventura, Cal.
MRS. FRANCES MORRIS, 38, Pomona, Cal.
Critically injured were MRS. FRANCES LONG, 35, Upland, Cal., and CLIFFORD MORRIS, 38, husband of MRS. MORRIS. Rescuers tunneled for two hours to reach MRS. LONG, who was resting on a cot when the ledge broke off. She and MORRIS suffered internal injuries and face and head cuts.
Milburn Hirschman, Pomona, rolled away as the rock fell.
"It's a miracle that all of us weren't caught under it," he said.
"I just happened to glance up. It didn't make a sound. I didn't even have time to yell before it fell."

Evening Independent Massillon Ohio 1949-12-12