San Manuel Indian Reservation, CA Private Plane Crash, Nov 1985


San Bernardino - Air safety investigators combed wreckage of a small plane Friday searching for the cause of a Thanksgiving eve crash that killed three members of a Texas family bound for a holiday dinner here.
Although hampered by steep terrain and a rainstorm, investigators found the entire single-engine, four-seat Cessna 177 aircraft on a hillside near the San Manuel Indian Reservation, less than a mile from the family's destination.
NORMAN DEE BAILEY, 42, his wife, GLENNIS BAILEY, 37, and his son, RUSSELL ALLEN BAILEY, 15, all of Dumas, Texas, were killed while en route to a Thanksgiving reunion with Bailey's parents.
"If a piece were missing it would have indicated an inflight separation," said Wayne Pollack, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator. He could not explain why the plane crashed.
The Baileys had taken off from Dumas on Wednesday and were due at Rialto Municipal Airport that night. Apparently their plane crashed Wednesday evening in heavy fog. A neighbor speculated that the Baileys crashed while the father was flying over his parent's house and signaling their arrival.
Investigators had not confirmed such details, said Pollack.
The Baileys were reported missing Thursday morning and not found until late that afternoon by hikers who called authorities from a nearby home where Bailey's parents were visiting.
From his assessment of the wreckage, Pollack said the Baileys were probably killed on impact. The crash also destroyed an emergency transmitter designed to send out a signal for searchers.

San Bernardino County Sun California 1985-11-30