Suisun, CA Freight And Work Trains Collide, Dec 1900

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The work train had been stationed at Suisun for some time, engaged in making repairs and improvements along the line between Giat Place and Davisville. It left Suisun yesterday morning in charge of Conductor Steele and was running under working orders, it being the conductor's intention to make the siding at Cannon Station and let freight train No. 201, which was three hours late, pass. The work train was running backward and Conductor Steele stood on the front platform of the first car keeping a sharp lookout, which would indicate that he thought he was taking desperate chances. The weather was very foggy and it was impossible to see a great distance ahead.
When passing though a shallow cut just before coming to a short bend in the track above Vandon Station, Conductor Steele saw the freight train coming at full speed down the track. He signaled down brakes and with several other of the working crew jumped from the train. The engineer of the freight also saw that there would be a collision and after reversing his engine and applying the air he and his fireman jumped to the ground. Scarcely had those who jumped regained their feet and got out of the way before the two trains crashed together.
The work train was running at a speed of about twenty miles an hour and the freight about thirty-five. The force of the impact was terrible. The engine of the freight train struck the dining car of the work train and smashed it into splinters. The three sleeping cars of the work train were telescoped and piled off to one side of the track. The freight engine finally came to a stop when it reached the caboose, which was next to the locomotive of the work train.
The freight train, in charge of Conductor Plane, was three hours late. It is already evident that neither he nor other members of the freight train crew is responsible for the collision. The fault, railroad officials say, lies with some member of the other crew. It is apparent that the work train was trying to reach Cannon Station before the Sacramento local, due at Suisun at 8:30, should reach that place. The wreck occurred at 7:40 a.m., but news of it did not reach the San Francisco offices until 9 o'clock.
The special train bearing the injured arrived at Oakland at 1:20 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Dr. Downing of Suisun and Dr. Rickey of Port Costa were aboard the train and rendered invaluable service to those most seriously injured. At the Oakland mole Drs. D. W. Ogden and H. E. Anderson of the Southern Pacific Hospital were in waiting with four ambulances and as many hacks. Conductor Steele was in charge of the special. It was made up of a caboose, a bunk-car and a boxcar, and the train made the run from the scene of the accident to Oakland mole in one hour and fifty-five minutes.
The men injured were quickly placed in the conveyances and then the ferry-boat Berkeley brought them to this city. Drs. Olmstead and Meggs of Oakland came over with the other physicians. In this city some of the injured were placed in a special car and taken direct to the hospital via Market and Mission Streets
Upon arrival at the hospital that institution's full corps of nurses and physicians took charge of the injured.