Los Angeles, CA Disney Animater Killed in Auto Crash, Nov 1938

Donald Duck’s Pen Pal Killed In Auto Crash

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Nov. 12. (AP)—F. E. Spencer, 34, chief animator on Walt Disney’s Donald Duck, died in a hospital Saturday of injuries received in an auto crash that injured a movie executive and a film sound technician.

Spencer, a native of Kansas City, was a commercial artist before he joined Walt Disney Productions. He was the top man on Donald Duck for the Silly Symphonies. Several artists are employed on the quarrelsome, blustery duck with the buzzsaw disposition. He also drew Dopey in Snow White.

Injured in the crash were Lou Ostrow, 47, production executive for MGM studios, and his passenger, James Gaither, 34, MGM sound technician. Ostow suffered head injuries and lacerations. Gaither was critically hurt, sustaining brain concussion and back injuries that may result in his death. Ostrow was at the wheel of the machine that collided with Spencer’s.

Ostrow has been in the film business almost twenty years. He started as a film cutter at Warner Brothers, then transferred his activities to MGM in various capacities until he became a producer about eighteen months ago. He produced the Judge Hardy series of films that has been such marked success at the box office.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 13 Nov 1938