Cardiff, CA Train-Auto Wreck, Sept 1936

Cardiff Resident Killed When Auto Strikes Train

Mangled when his automobile smashed into the baggage car of a passenger train at Cardiff, Henry R. Cole, 63, Cardiff resident, was killed yesterday in one of the most spectacular train-automobile accidents in San Diego county’s history.

The aged man had been visiting a sister, Mrs. L.A. Runyard, in Encinitas, A.E. Gallagher, deputy coroner, reported, and was returning to his home.

He lost control of his machine and drove into the side of the train as it crossed Montgomery St., Gallagher said.

The train crew, unaware of the fatal accident, the train continued for almost a mile before horrified passengers informed the conductor. The engineer stopped the train and backed to the scene of the accident.

Wreckage of Cole’s automobile was strewn more than 578 feet. The blade of an ax, which had been in the car, was found imbedded in a tie more than 200 feet from the main part of the wreckage, which was all on one side of the track, leading officers to express the belief that Cole struck the train at about the baggage car.

Twisted pieces of metal that little resembled an automobile were found 60 feet from the point of impact. Cole’s body lay nearby. The body was sent to Berry’s mortuary, Oceanside. An inquest will he held.

San Diego Union, San Diego, CA 17 Sept 1936