Los Angeles, CA Tunnel Caves In, Jan 1900


Tunnel at Los Angeles Caves in---Eight Men Rescued---Inspector Dies of Injuries.

The west end of what is known as the Third-street tunnel, which is under construction between Hill and Hope streets, a distance of three blocks, at Los Angeles, Cal., caved in soon after 1 o’clock, yesterday morning and entombed 11 laborers and bricklayers, and fatally injured W. T. Lambie, an inspector in the employ of the street department. Lambie died later. Eight of the entombed men were rescued uninjured. John D. Joe was still entombed at a late hour. He is injured, but it is not known how seriously. Foreman Crawley is doubtless dead. Many tons of earth fell in the part of the tunnel where he was. The men were engaged in excavating 75 feet from the mouth of the tunnel. Inspector Lambie was in the act of leaving the tunnel when the cave-in occurred. His legs were pinned down, and it was eight hours before he was extricated, then in a dying condition.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 23 Jan 1900