Pinola, CA Powder Explosion, Feb 1953

List of Casualties from the Hercules Plant Explosion February 12, 1953:
This is the list of the 12 killed and five hospitalized in the Hercules Powder Company explosion:
DONALD WINSHIP, 27, of 1075 Owens Street, Richmond, widow, Maxine, two children.
JOHN MOORE, 34, of Route 1, Box 1261, Pinole, widow, Leah, three children.
HOSEA H. TURLEY, 50, 2 Santa Fe Avenue, Hercules, widow, Mary, one child.
DALE F. BARNARD, 39, of 108 Garretson Avenue, Rodeo, widow, Dorothy, no children.
JOHN C. HANSEN, 37, Hercules, one child.
DONALD J. HOFFMAN, 37, Building 1-5, Apartment 730, Bayo Vista, Rodeo, widow, Marn, three children.
JOSEPH RAMOS, 27, widow and two children.
VIRGIL C. ROSS, 31, Building C-41, Apartment 239, Bayo Vista, Rodeo, widow, Mae, one child.
JOE MIMOSO, 48, of 1834 East 21st Street, widow, Amelia.
MANUEL NUNES, 53, of Hercules, widow, one child.
ROY W. ACKELBINE, 40, 3721 Solano Avenue, Richmond, wife, Estella, two children.
JACK L. RILEY, 28, 2300 Rumrill Road, San Pablo, wife, Mary, two children.
In Richmond Hospital:
JAMES SILVEIRA, 25, of 703 Second Street, Rodeo, serious leg, internal and head injuries.
LEROY SCHEFF, 35, of 1328 Nevin Avenue, Richmond, critical.
H. M. FITTS, 59, of 761 Smith Avenue, Pinole, head injury.
TONY MARTINEZ, 61, of 316 1/2 Lake Street, Rodeo, injuries to back, arms and legs.
JOE MARTINS, 60, of 828 Third Avenue, Pinole, leg injury.