San Anselmo, CA Army Pursuit Planes Crash, Nov 1941


San Anselmo, Calif., Nov. 2. -- Two army pursuit pilots crashed to their death against Bald Hill on the outskirts of San Anselmo tonight, and a third flier in the same squadron of 13 planes parachuted to a landing northeast of this city.
The Marin County sheriff's office said Lieut. W. RADOVICH was found in Lucas Valley, six miles from San Anselmo. He appeared to have received a broken leg in jumping from his ship.
Of the remaining ships in the flight of single-seaters, bound from Portland, Ore., to Fresno, Calif., seven reached Fresno and the other three landed at Oakland, Calif.
The army air base at Portland said the 13 planes were in the same flight, then numbering 19, which was scattered by storm, with a loss of five ships and at least one life, over the Sierra and Tehachapi mountains of southern California 10 days ago.
At that time the squadron, from Windsor Locks, Conn., was northbound for air maneuvers in the Pacific Northwest. Three fliers parachuted to safety, one died in the crash of his plane against a mountainside, and a search for the fifth, Lieut. RICHARD N. LONG, still continues.
Reports here said the missing plane came down at Santa Venicia, nine miles northeast of San Anselmo. Whether it crashed or landed safely was not indicated.
The ships which cracked up on Bald Hill caught fire, and the bodies of their pilots were burned beyond recognition. One was identified from a name plate, however, as Lieut. ARTHUR STRECKMAN.

Independent Helena Montana 1941-11-03