Los Angeles, CA Trolley Car Collision, July 1906

The wrecking crews of the Interurban company soon reached the scene and the corner was cleared after a half hour's delay, in which fifty loaded cars were stalled for a time.
"I am glad that I am alive," remarked MISS ANDERSON, who has only recently come from aboard. "My escort saved me a bad fall by grabbing me. I have no relatives here, my parents being in Sweden."
ALMSTEDT, who was with her, quietly acknowledged what the young woman said to be true, though he explained that he had done only what any man similarily placed would.
Fred G. Hymer of 1006 Hobson Street helped to rescue the injured and called for men to life the car off the prostrate UMANN.
Ben Lockridge of 725 Turner Street was the first to run to the Pacific Hospital to get doctors and nurses, though he was himself cut in the wreck.
The Dead:
A. A. UMANN, 34 years of age, bicycle dealer, 511 West Sixth Street, killed in Pico Street wreck. Chest was crushed and ribs pierced heart. Body at morgue of Overholtzer-Mills company at 1236 Grand Avenue.
The Injured:
MRS. DUDLEY KAVANAUGH, 1322 Olive Street, seriously crushed about chest, teeth knocked out, concussion of spine.
DUDLEY KAVANAUGH, 1322 Olive Street, husband of Mrs. Kavanaugh, severely shaken and bruised.
FRED G. HYMER, 1006 Hobson Street, ankle sprained, body bruised.
Motorman S. T. HUMER of the Grand Avenue car, cut by glass, head severely hurt.
MISS AGNES ANDERSON, 512 West Adams Street, arms crushed; internally injured; concussion of spine.
FRED ALMSTAST, 656 1/2 South Main Street, bruised about arms.
BEN LOCKRIDGE, 725 Turner Street, side hurt, cut by flying glass.
GUY LONG, 1362 San Julian Street, cut by flying glass, bruised about body.
FRANK HARDT, 1362 San Julian Street, arm wrenched, bruised about body.
S. C. FOLTZ, 1107 El Molino Street, seriously cut about head and chin laid open, body bruised.
J. CASTRO, St. Elmo Hotel, North Main Street, bruised about body.
ALFRED HARTMAN, 1327 South Flower Street, bruised about body and severely shaken.

Los Angeles Herald California 1906-07-29