Newport Beach, CA Destroyers AMMEN and COLLETT Collide, July 1960

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The bow of the Collett gashed out a huge hole in the Ammen's sid, exposing her rear engine and fire rooms and leaving them looking like "a junkyard," as one reporter described it.
The Collett's bow was crumpled back, the upper part pressed back against her left side and the lower part ripped open and wedged back to the right side.
She had undergone modernization and had embarked on sea trials.
A gun turret was toppled over on the Ammen and about 50 to 75 feet of a railing section were torn away.
The Ammen had just unloaded her ammunition at Seal Beach Depot Monday. A greater toll of lives aboard the ship might have been taken if she still had been carrying the explosives, a spokesman said.

Dead and Injured.
Long Beach, Cal. (AP) -- The Navy has listed casalties in the collision of the destroyers Ammen and Collett, off Newport Beach, Cal., which killed 11.
The dead:
GARY EARL LINDEMANN, Electronics Technician/3C, Las Vegas, Nev.
ROY LONG, Storekeeper/1C, Whittier, Cal.
THOMAS A. WOOLLEY, Storekeeper/3C, Deland, Fla.
WILBUR CLYDE LILES, Seaman Apprentice, Miami, Fla.
DELMAR LORNE DANIELS, Seaman Apprentice, Auburn, Mich.
JOHN LAFAYETTE DANIELS, JR., Boatswain's Mate/1C, Aeworth, Ga.
ROBERT KENNETH GILBERT, Motor Machinist's Mate/3C, Washington, D.C.
JAMES L. PERKINS, Electronics Technician/2C, Encinitas, Cal.
DAVID MOUZON, JR., Storekeeper/2C, Atlanta, Ga.
GERALD EVERETT HALE, Disbursing Clerk/2C, San Bruno, Cal.
The Injured:
PATRICK E. MEDELROS, Seaman, Honolulu, Hi., bruises of the thighs.
LEONARD LARSON, Chief Yeoman, Spring Valley, Cal., head lacerations.
R. A. JONES, Fireman Apprentice, Sweetwater, Texas., head injuries.
GILBERT S. BROWN, Ensign, Ocean Beach, Cal., contusions and lacerations.
CHARLES DWIGHT WILDER, Fireman Apprentice, Santa Fe, N.M., lacerations of the legs.
Injured aboard the USS Collett:
HARVEY E. WATKINS, Seaman Signalman, Sanger, Cal., broken left ankle and possible broken foot.
JOHN T. ROMERO, Seaman Apprentice, Cheyenne, Wyo., amputation of two toes of left foot.

Dunkirk Evening Observer New York 1960-07-20