Ludlow, CA (near) Army Bomber Crash, Dec 1942


March Field, Calif., Dec. 31. (AP) -- Two officers and two enlisted men were killed in the crash of an army bomber, 25 miles north of Ludlow, in the Mojave Desert, March Field officers announced.
Six others parachuted to safety.
The dead are:
First Lieut. ROBERT JOHNSON, 24, wife, Mrs. Dorothy Johnson, Riverside, Calif.
Second Lieut. RENATO CASINA, 22, mother, Mrs. Amelia Casina, 803 Abbott Boulevard, Palisades, N.J.
Sergeant LAYMON CASH, 22, wife, Evelyn Cash, Riverside, Calif.
Corp. SIDNEY VAUGHN, age unavailable, father, Gilbert Vaughn, 124 Kerley Street, Flint, Mich.

Greeley Daily Tribune Colorado 1943-01-01


Lt. Robert Johnson's Bomber Crash

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Records made public re; 1941 air disaster?

Stu--I'm Lt. Robert Johnson's great niece. I'm interested in researching this 1941 crash. Do you know anything more about it? It's my understanding that this plane was sabotaged along with others. Do you know if the public records have been made public. Thanks you so very, very much for posting and transcribing.