San Francisco, CA Fire, Jul 1850

Another Great Fire at San Francisco!

Three Hundred Buildings Burned! Loss, Five Million Dollars!

New York, July 22, 3 P. M. The Crescent City arrived at 2 o'clock, with three weeks later news from California, and 157 passengers.

Another destructive fire occurred at San Francisco on the 14th, destroying 4 centre blocks---in all 300 houses, and involving a loss of $5,000,000. It originated in the kitchen of the Sacramento House, and spread rapidly in every direction.

Part of the old burnt district is burnt again.

Among the buildings destroyed were those of the San Francisco Journal, the Banking House of "William" was pulled down to arrest the flames. All his specie, &c., was saved. Adams & Co.'s Express Office was saved by a force pump.

The Vermont Journal, Windsor, VT 26 Jul 1850